Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The most beautiful moments in music

I submit that 2:53-4:04 and 5:32-applause are contenders. Any others?

(I have very eclectic tastes; be not afraid.)


  1. Here:

    Specifically from 5:00 to 9:00, but the truth is the the first 5 minutes (and the way it escapes around 9) are what make the part where the piece really comes together (at about 6:00) seem so indescribably lofty.

  2. A wonderful recommendation, Tony!

    I'll be listening to more of this guy.

  3. If by "this guy" you mean that you didn't know about Keith Jarrett, I am happy to have made the introduction. The backstory makes the music (much) more interesting to me. Apparently Jarrett was classically trained, then started doing these kind of live concerts where he basically sat down without much, or any, plan. He just started stabbing, and became engrossed (you can hear him grunting during some of the recording -- I'm sure the audience couldn't have been prepared for any of what was happening). I think this is the clarifying moment of his career (it's easily my favorite -- I don't think any of his other concerts ever reached this), and I have an inkling it spawned a whole, later genre found in things like Windham Hill recordings. I got to meet Diana Krall once after a concert, and in our conversation she mentioned how much she admired Keith Jarrett, because he didn't just make music, he created something new. Anyway, right there, you can hear him doing it. Awesome.

  4. Yes, you did introduce me, and I thank you for the backstory. Awesomely emotive stuff.